Cleaning Butcher Block Countertops With Thieves Oil

I love butcher block.  When we bought our current house I knew that I wanted them in my kitchen and couldn’t afford to do the whole kitchen in solid surface.  We went with butcher block in my cooking areas and quartz on the eat in bar which works really well.

We chose the John Boos oak butcher block and I couldn’t be happier.  It gets abused and I’m not great about oiling it as often as I should but it still looks great.    I don’t use a cutting board EVER.  I cut everything right on my countertops.  The down side of this is that sometimes it gets a little stinky.  Like I can taste onions when I cut a pineapple on the countertop even if I wiped it down first.  I just found my solution though…  Thieves oil!

This is the one I use

All I do now is wet a rag and spray 1 pump of theives oil.  I bought mine in a spray bottle which is really convenient.  It is a blend of several different essential oils but I can mostly smell the clove.  I don’t use any cleaning products or soaps on my countertops other than the thieves oil.  No onion smell anymore!



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