Essential Oil Blend for Congested Kids

When my girls were little babies it drove me nuts when they had colds and I didn’t know how to help their congestion.  Vick’s in my experience isn’t that great and smells less great.  Decongestants aren’t recommended for small children and I’m really not a fan of them anyway.  Over the years I started adding essential oils to the humidifier and now have a blend that I use every time someone is sick in my house.   It’s effective and smells great.


Humidifier Blend

In the warmer months when the air isn’t as dry I use this diffuser.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser

I purchased it on Amazon and it can be found here


I’ve been really happy with this little diffuser and as an added bonus it lights up and changes colors.  My youngest uses it as a nightlight even when we aren’t using it as a diffuser.
The diffuser holds approximately 1 cup of water and I add the following essential oils to that:

2 Drops Thieves Oil

2 Drops Lavender Oil

2 Drops Peppermint Oil

4  Drops Eucalyptus Oil


In the winter I use a larger humidifier that holds a half gallon and I double or triple the amounts for that.



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