Butcher Block and Iron Pipe Bedside Table

My husband has been asking me to buy him a bedside table since we moved to our new house.  Buy one – right. Silly boy should have know I was gonna build something.  I went on Pinterest and knew immediately that I wanted something industrial.   When I have time I am totally going to build this: http://diyshowoff.com/2014/01/03/pantry-organization/.  This pantry was my inspiration for my table project.


We had some left over butcher block scraps from our kitchen that I was able to use up and only needed around $20 in pipe and fittings from the hardware store to build him a table.  It turned out so well that I already bought the supplies to make side tables for our sunroom.



Was so excited about how well it turned out that I didn’t bother to take the stickers off before posting.  Might be there for another year or so….


All that I used on the butcher block is danish oil.  Don’t really have a preference on brand but this is what I used: http://www.rustoleum.com/en/product-catalog/consumer-brands/watco/danish-oil



Here’s a picture of the pipe and fittings that I used.  All together it only took me an hour once I had the supplies to actually build it.  



This is half of the parts or one leg.  I also added caps as the “feet” of the table.  I used all 3/4″ pipe and fittings.

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