Etsy Sales Trends

When I first opened my Etsy shop I spent a lot of time online looking for information on sales trends.  I was particularly curious about which days of the month had the highest activity levels and what months of the year were the busiest.  I really didn’t find answers to those questions and decided that I would track my own sales history now that my shop has taken off.

I opened my Etsy shop ( in November of 2013.  The first 2 months were pretty slow but 2014 has been AMAZING so far.  I have been way more busy than I expected and have had to hire some help to keep my turn around time low.

I can’t offer information yet on the busiest months of the year because, since opening my shop 7 months ago, my sales have been growing steadily.  I can, however, offer information on which days of the month have been the busiest for me.  My busiest day has consistently been the 14th. Yesterday was the 14th and it was busy but somehow I still found time to write this today.  Might be a little burnt out…  I think I was due for a break from sewing.

The charts below show the sales trends from my Etsy shop for the first 4 months of 2014.  I looked at both revenue by day and number of sales per day.  The trends are very similar.






Now that I know when my peak busy times are I’m able to adjust my schedule so that I don’t panic when a bunch of sales role in.  I try not to plan things for the middle of the month and usually know that the end of the month is better for taking time off and planning non-Etsy related projects.

Once I’ve completed my first full calendar year I’ll be able to offer more information on the trends by month.

Hope this information is helpful and that I’m not the only neurotic number cruncher out there!

Springtime Bumblebee Pillow

I’m sick of winter!  Today I decided to ignore the snow outside and make some spring pillows.  I think this one might be my new favorite.



I got the awesome bumblebee graphic from  Based on her recommendation I always use Lesley Riley’s Tap transfer paper and it works very well as you can see.

Bumblebee on Chair


Want one of your own?  You can find them here:

Burlap – Quality vs Character

I know most people just think that burlap is burlap and its simply rustic but there is another side to burlap.  I refuse to refer to any burlap as “bad” because I don’t believe it’s ever bad.  Some just have more character ;).   There is a HUGE range when it comes to quality though and depending on what look you’re going for this can be very important.

I work a lot with burlap (insert shameless promotion here:  Most of my sales are curtains and I offer both the high-quality and the rustic.  I’ve been getting a lot of questions on the difference between the two so I decided to offer some clarification.  When purchasing material its hard for me to even tell the quality from pictures. Here’s a picture of the material I use primarily:


This is a 10 ounce upholstery grade jute burlap.  I like to use the better more tightly woven burlap for pillow covers especially because it won’t stretch and fray as easily.  I also use this for most of my curtains and all of my lined curtain.  It offers a lot of texture and character without screaming “rustic”.  Many want burlap that though and that’s where this fabric comes into play.


The rustic is still a jute burlap but is a bit more loosely woven and has much more variation and character.  I also use this for curtains but its too loosely woven for pillow covers.  See the difference?


Both lovely but very different!  When buying fabric or goods online made from burlap my suggestion is to pay attention to the color and weave.  Better quality natural burlap is generally lighter and more consistent in color and a tighter weave and the rustic tends to be more gray and loosely woven.  Best option is to see it in person and touch it! Or smell… big difference there too.